Hays is the world's leading recruitment firm for highly qualified specialists. Within a temporary employment framework, Hays provides experts for projects and permanent positions in both the public and private sectors.

Hays employs approximately 9,000 employees in 33 countries. On the German-speaking market, Hays fills project openings and job vacancies with highly qualified experts at over 3,000 top companies covering fields such as Engineering, Construction & Property, IT, Finance, Life Sciences, Healthcare, Sales & Marketing, Retail and Legal.

We also offer flexible services. With us as your partner, you have the opportunity to find a new job as a permanent employee, as a freelance engineering expert supporting customer projects or as a temp specialist strengthening and expanding our customers' existing teams.

In addition to other areas, we recruit Engineering experts for the following positions:

  •  Development engineer
  •  Design engineer
  •  Test engineer
  •  Mechatronics engineer
  •  Computational engineer
  •  Software developer
  •  Automation engineer
  •  Production engineer
  •  Quality engineer
  •  and others!
Company information: 
Total numbers of employees: 
10 000
Engineering, IT / EDP / Internet
Wanted occupational fields: 
Automotive Industry , Elektrotechniker/-in, Fertigungsmechaniker/-in, Industriemechaniker, Kraftfahrzeugmechatroniker/-in, Karosserie- und Fahrzeugbaumechaniker, Mechaniker für Karosserieinstandhaltungstechnik, Staatlich geprüfter Techniker, Werkzeugmechaniker/-in, Zerspanungsmechaniker/-in, Mechatronik, Project / Program Management, Production / manufacture /quality control, Construction / Planning, Quality Assurance / Safety, Leading Position / Management, Logistics / transport / warehouse / material management, Mechanical Engineering , Maintenance / repair, Sales / Distribution, Service / Customer service, Other technical Jobs, Communication technology, Legal, IT / Software Development, IT / Training, IT / Applications Administration, IT / Consulting, Engineering, IT / Data Processing, Datawarehouse, Business Intelligence, IT / Database Administration, IT / Embedded Systems, Firmware Development, IT / Hardware Design, IT / Technical Documentation, IT / System and Network Administration, IT / Web Development, IT / Business Informatics, IT / Others, IT / Software Development, IT / Security, IT / Management, Team Leader, IT / Helpdesk, IT / Project Management, IT / Process Management, IT / SAP/ERP Consulting, Development, IT / Quality Assurance, Inspection, Engineer, Research / Development / Design / Science, Creative / Design, Consulting, Retail / procurement / Sales, Finance / accounting / controlling, Electrical Engineering
Wanted field of studies: 
Architecture / Building technique, Biology / Pharma, Chemical industry, Electrical Engineering / Electronics, Finance / Controlling / Taxes, Computer science / IT, Kraftfahrzeugtechnik, Logistic / Production, Marketing / Sales, Mechanical engineering, Mathematics / Statistics, Mechatronics / Automation, Medical science, Law, Process engineering, Industrial Engineering
Company size: 
Recruitment Agency
Active in following regions: 
Mannheim, Berlin, Dortmund, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt am Main, Cologne, Leipzig, München, Nuremberg, Stuttgart, Wien, Essen, Basel, Zürich, Ulm, Genf, Kopenhagen, Bonn, Bern, Hannover, Frankfurt Flughafen, Ingolstadt, Freiburg im Breisgau, Augsburg, Dresden, Hamburg
What are your core competencies?
Hays recruits highly-qualified specialists, either as freelancers or temps for short-term projects, or as permanent staff in the following categories: -> Construction & Property (plant construction / process engineering, supply engineering / building services, construction coordination, facility management, asset management) -> Engineering (all skill sets currently available on the market) -> Finance (accounting, balance sheet, tax and auditing, controlling, planning, M&A, specialist consulting for the banking industry) -> Healthcare (physicians in permanent employment and freelance fee-based physicians for all common indications in hospitals and clinics) -> Information Technology(all skill sets currently available on the market) -> Legal (in-house, large international firms, specialised boutique practices, industrial firms and banks) -> Life Sciences (all phases of clinical research, regulatory matters) -> Retail (sales, expansion, logistics, purchasing, administration) -> Sales & Marketing (engineering sales, IT sales, marketing)
What types of employment does Hays offer?
Hays offers a wide range of possibilities – for customers and business partners:  -> Contracting positions:This is a freelance employment relationship. Freelancers enter into a project contract with Hays and then, on behalf of Hays, work for our customers on short-term project assignments -> Permanent positions: We place candidates in permanent positions with our customers. -> Temporary positions: We temporarily place specialists, who are permanently employed by us, with our customers.
Who are Hays' customers?
Our customers are prestigious companies that are active in all business sectors. Under https://www.hays.de/personalvermittlung/referenzen you can find a list of our most important clients.
Further questions and answers
Further questions and answers you can find under https://www.hays.de/faq.
Mentoring program
Internal training offers


Contact persons: 
Sabrina Westhaus
Supervisor Recruitment Management
+49 621 1788 1358
Sandro Tabone
Supervisor Recruitment Management
+49 621 1788 1712

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